Global Classroom Project

What is Global Classroom?

The Global Classroom Partnership is an international initiative begun in the Shetland Islands 20 years ago.Global Classroom Group in Times Square, New York City from the 2016 Conference at Ridgewood High School

Students from participating schools research and prepare assigned tasks on a set theme to present to the conference. The emphasis is on sharing learning between schools, with the ethos that students can ‘learn locally but think globally’.

The Global Classroom Partnership offers students invaluable experiences and opportunities for personal growth. Participants develop skills in interpersonal communication across national divides, learning to share cultural knowledge and develop empathy for the rights, views and needs of others.

Global Classroom Conference 2017

The Global Classroom conference is being hosted at Lake G in 2017. The conference is an opportunity to showcase our College, the ACT Government Education System and our National Capital to international colleagues. The theme for the 2017 conference is "Wellbeing and Education", a theme currently being incorporated into the college curriculum.

In line with the conference theme, our philosophy is to provide local and international delegates with educational and personal growth opportunities by helping to organise the aspects of the conference. Students will help in catering, trip planning, outdoor activities, hosting and guiding. Students will gain invaluable knowledge and understanding of other cultures and develop team work skills and ideologies that span across international borders. It is a great opportunity for enhancement of well-being through achievement and the development of global citizenship. Our budget is comprised of local sponsorship and fund raising and relies also on delegates being hosted in local accommodation.

Conference website:

Hosting for Global Classroom Visitors

Can you host one or more of our international visitors for the week April 2 to 8, 2017? Perhaps you have some heritage you could share with our visitors, or perhaps you speak their home language? We are in need of many hosts for this conference. We have hosted many Global Classroom visitors over the years, and have always found them to be interesting and easy going visitors. All overseas visitors speak good English and all are very keen to explore Australia, as they are mostly first time visitors.

If you are willing to host, please contact the Front Office and leave your contact details.The Global Classroom Partnership Logo (shaking hands across the globe)