This course is expected to be available for teaching in 2020. It is being written in the second half of 2019. Students interested in selecting this course should monitor developments via the BSSS website: curriculum page: http://www.bsss.act.edu.au/curriculum/courses

This course will have in addition to its 4 units a Unit 5—Negotiated Study. Negotiated study unit is decided upon by a class, group(s) or individual student in consultation with the teacher and with the Principal’s approval. This unit may be undertaken after the completion of two standard units.

Leadership A/T

Students analyse leadership over time investigating individuals who have influenced history and society, through an investigation of theories, models, and principles.

Students develop their own thinking and construct models and explore in practical ways how they function as a leader and reflect on their own and others’ performances.

Through this course students will examine values and develop further social intelligence.

Course Patterns

Minor: 2 to 3 units

Major: 3.5 or 4 units

Units (proposed)

Leadership Theories

Styles of Leadership

Leadership in context

Effective Leadership