Awards for Students

Recognition of Excellence

In 2018 UCSSC Lake Ginninderra College redesigned the award system to better recognise the achievement of our students.

These awards will be given to students who embody our school ethos. We at UCSSC Lake Ginninderra define excellence through the desire, capacity and motivation of a student to achieve personal best.

Excellence is seen every day at UCSSC Lake Ginninderra through students pursuing their passions, leading our school community and continuously striving to excel in their intellectual, creative or artistic capacity, or in specific academic fields.

We wish to celebrate and support students who are curious about the world, who have the desire to learn and who are leaders within our community.

Our Awards

Monthly Award - This monthly award will focus on an individual student excelling and demonstrating significant growth and dedication. Teachers nominate students each month for this award, with there being a recipient from tertiary, accredited and modified student cohorts.

All nominated students will receive a notable mention in the monthly newsletter.

End of Semester Awards

Academic Honours – This will be awarded to students who have excelled in all their subjects over the course of a semester. Students must receive an A grade or equivalent in 3 or more courses.

Excellence Award – This will be awarded to students who have excelled in a particular unit of study over the course of a semester.

Personal Excellence Award – This will be awarded to students who have been nominated by their teachers due to them demonstrating significant personal growth in the semester and dedication to their studies.

Graduation Awards

Upon completion of the Senior Secondary Certificate, student excellence is recognised through a variety of significant awards that are presented formally at an end of year graduation event.

These awards vary in nature; some are dedicated to past staff members, sponsored by college community partners or directly link to ATAR and academic results.

The recipients of these awards are acknowledged in front of their peers, families, school staff and representatives from stakeholders. Their names as displayed on plaques around the college campus to inspire the aspirations of future students.