Current Students

This page provides access to policies and forms for download and immediate use.

Forms provided here are also available in hard copy via the Front Office, through Support Groups (SGs) or Student Services.

Students should contact Student Services: if there are queries relating to any of these materials.

Latest Information

Moderation Day

Thursday August 10 is a moderation day for college teachers. No classes will be run at the college.

School Surveys

Please complete both.

Access codes are emailed to student emails and hard copy with your administering teacher on Aug 21.

Satisfaction Survey

Link is here.

School Climate Survey

Link is here.

Older information

2017 Timetable

Applying for a USI

All students enrolling in 2016 require a Unique Student Identifier (USI) for the purpose of Vocational Training Reporting. You must apply for a USI and supply it when applying online for a place.

Exemption Certificate FAQs (pdf icon 393.8 KB) (for students under 17 wishing to leave school)

Forms to Complete and Return

Request for UC identification card (year 11 and year 12) (pdf icon 136.5 KB)

UC Schools ID cards will be printed when school photos and ID cards are received in March.


LGC Olympians & Hall of Fame 2017web.pdf (PDF 3.7 MB)

2017 Absence Note (PDF 43.3 KB)

ICT Information and Permission Forms Important for Network Access (PDF 697.6 KB)

Exam Tips for Students (PDF 32.0 KB)

Exam Stress Tips for Parents (PDF 23.8 KB)

Student Guide for UC Student ID Cards (PDF 474.9 KB)

Attendance Policy (PDF 147.4 KB)

Special Consideration Policy (PDF 37.1 KB)

Appeal Processes (PDF 287.8 KB)

Breaches of Discipline in School Based Assessment including Plagiarism (PDF 181.9 KB)

College assessment policies to be read in conjunction with the Unit Outline (PDF 36.2 KB)

Medical Management Plans

The Education Directorate provides sample management plans for several common but serious medical problems. If a student has one of these problems a management plan should be lodged with Student Services.

Proformas for communicating medical management plans are below: