How can I help?

Image result for jigsaw iconAll students can face problems from time to time related to learning; social relationships; making difficult decisions; or managing emotions such as feeling depressed, anxious, worried, or isolated.

As the School Psychologist I apply my expertise in mental health, learning, and behaviour, to help students and their families understand and resolve both long-term and short-term issues so that they can thrive in school, at home and in life.

What do I do?

Image result for behaviour icon1. Behaviour

  • I work with students, parents and their schools to identify and change target behaviours
  • I can assist students to improve communication and social skills; promote problem solving, anger management and conflict resolution; reinforce positive coping skills and resilience; and promote positive peer relationships and social problem solving.

Image result for books clipart2. Learning

  • I promote student motivation and engagement
  • I assist to individualize instruction and interventions
  • I assist in navigating special education processes
  • I conduct assessments of students experiencing learning difficulties and/or disabilities.
  • I help to plan appropriate Individualized Education Programs for students with disabilities Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Clip Art 3. Mental Health and Well-being
  • I provide direct support for students experiencing mental health and wellbeing difficulties.
  • I can help families understand their child's learning and mental health needs
  • I can help to connect families with community service providers when necessary How can I be contacted? Every public school in Canberra has access to the services of a school psychologist, although some school psychologists serve two or more schools so may not be at a particular school every day. I work at Lake Ginninderra College every weekday. I can be reached by phoning the school directly or emailing me. or 02 614 20222