Student Articles

Road to Engineering

When I finish college, I want to do something preferably in STEM such as engineering. I'm particularly interested in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. I am currently studying Specialist Mathematics, Specialist Methods Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, and the ANU Extension Course in Biodiversity.

At Canberra High I was selected for Lake Ginninderra College’s E2 Science Extension Program. Through this program I gained knowledge and skills in the college-level sciences as a high school student. I received a lot of support and guidance from the science faculty in putting the theory into real-life contexts and connecting this with my future study. As a Year 12 student, the continuous support of all of my teachers makes me really enjoy the student experience.

Everything I am learning has important applications in the world, now, and in the future. For instance, in Specialist Mathematics we're studying 3D vectors, and that's so connected with the things we do in physics. I am studying magnetic fields and electric fields there and 3D vectors come into those areas. Both the subjects are quite interconnected and so when you study them at the same time, you learn the theory and the application. This has been a recurrent theme throughout my college experience. Because the things that you learn in maths, come back in physics, and you end up applying them in physics. And so, I think, a great idea is to study maths and physics at the same time.

All my subjects are quite interconnected. In chemistry, when for instance we study the gas laws, thermodynamics and electrochemistry, we see them come into play in physics as well. All the subjects converge at a deep level, and it's a great idea to study all of them. If you're up for the challenge!

When I hear “engineering, ” I think about applied sciences. To me, it's all about the applications of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in our world, to improve it in a positive way. So, I'd say studying STEM subjects at UCSSC Lake Ginninderra  like Physics, Chemistry, Specialist Mathematics are a great way to go forward, especially given the Government’s push for gender equality in STEM careers.