Assessment Information

College specific assessment information

This information will also be available in unit outlines.

Exam Timetable 2022 Semester TWO

See your teacher if any variation is needed.

Special Provisions

If you have a disability,  illness or misadventure which affects your ability to complete an assessment task or meet a deadline an application for special provisions may be made.

Short term disadvantage in one subject may be met via extensions for submission. Consult your teacher or the executive teacher of the subject area.

For Special Provisions application please contact

See here for BSSS policy about Equitable Assessment and Special Provisions.

If you are a T package student seeking special provisions for the AST you should consult the AST coordinator for the current process.

VET assessment

Vocational competencies cannot be recorded unless you have a Universal Student Identifier (USI)

If you have not applied previously apply here.

Appeal processes

College appeal processes are identical with BSSS appeal processes.

View BSSS appeal processes here.