Art Camp 2021

Art Camp 2021

The artworks on display here were produced during our Art Camp 2021.  The camp is an extension activity that allows students with an interest in the Visual Arts and Photography to pursue their creative interests.  Art Camp is held in a location where students can explore and respond to the environment through their artmaking.

Students undertake workshops exploring art making skills and techniques over a four-day program.  During these workshops we explored photography techniques in reverse lens macro, low light and astro-photography, and art making painting and drawing activities using a range of mediums.

Students are encouraged to engage in critically looking at their own and others’ works and to support each other to improve their art.  By the end of the program our aim is to consolidate students learning in the Arts and to produce a series of exhibition ready works.  Though many students say the highlight for them is making new friends and just enjoying the experience of immersing themselves for four days in their creative pursuits.

Terry Eveston, Visual Arts Teacher

Bee by Claire H

Photography: Claire H

Honey Eater by Grace G.S.

Artist: Grace G.S