We will rock you

19 Sep 2022

With a catalogue of songs spanning generations, performances of the musical We Will Rock You based on the songs of the rock band “Queen” have been an inspiration to deliver. In the process we created our own Kind of Magic. Knowing that the fabled lead guitarist of “Queen”, Brian May had with his father invented a guitar in the early days of the band which gave him his distinctive and recognisable sound, we purchased (for the show and the music department) a BMG Special Guitar. This guitar from Brian May Guitars in the UK was front and centre sonically and visually throughout the performances.

The production has worked through numerous challenges including a change of production (planned to be Mamma Mia), a change of venue mid-performance season, a shortened preparation period, and the trials of working in the age of Covid. Despite the challenges, the resilience and enthusiasm of all involved was astounding. A big thank you is due to all of the participants, who, once in the same room at the same time, worked harmoniously Under Pressure to produce a stellar take on these classic tracks. It has been a delight to work alongside the band, cast and crew, and observe each individual’s development as we have created this production.

Dale Thain & Lane Moore (Musical Directors WWRY 2022)

Photos by: Pace McGowan