Health, Medical and Applied Sciences R Unit (HMAS R Unit) Excursion

20 May 2022

On Friday students participating in the Health, Medical and Applied Sciences R Unit (HMAS R Unit) attended an excursion to the John Curtin School for Medical Research at ANU. The R unit aims to  inspire students by exposing them to the wide variety of possibility in science-based careers.

ANU academics created a scenario where students split into groups and were assigned various medical roles to diagnose the specific areas of neurological damage in a patient suffering from a head injury. Students were able to engage with VR and AR technology in their exploration of the brain and discover how our vision works to enable us to see the world clearly. At the end, over a surprise afternoon tea, the newly fledged specialists consulted with their colleagues and came to a final diagnosis for the injured patient, Mr Avery. This was a wonderful opportunity for students to get a real understanding of how the various medical specialties work together to form a diagnosis.