The Academic Excellence Program

The Academic Excellence Program

Are you a passionate and motivated learner?
Would you like to work with a mentor to pursue your aspirations?
Would you benefit from having an Individual Enrichment Plan?
Do you like to hang out with like-minded peers?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ Academic Excellence at UC SSC Lake Ginninderra is the place to be.


Academic excellence is seen every day at UCSSC Lake Ginninderra through students pursuing their passions, leading our school community and continuously striving to excel in their intellectual, creative, artistic capacity, or in specific academic fields.

We believe in holistic personal development and create opportunities for our participants to excel in their academic pursuits and college life. 


Opportunities to support students, not only in their academic pursuits but focus on developing core skills that will enrich students beyond the completion of their ACT Senior Secondary Certificate.

· Targeted mentorship

· Academic enrichment and extension opportunities to support learning in Years 11 and 12

· Individual Enrichment Plan (IEP)

· Academic Excellence Tutorial time

· R unit points for involvement and participation which goes towards the year 12 certificate

Students in the program are expected to engage in extracurricular activities across the school proactively and attend targeted Academic Excellence events.

TIMELINE for 2022:

· 20Aug 2021 – Application Closes (Application Link:

· Week 8, Term 3 – AE Aptitude Testing

· Week 9, Term 3 – AE Interviews

· Week 10, Term 3 – AE invitations are sent out

· Week 3, Term 4 – AE Orientation Day for incoming 2022 students


Entry into the program is determined through the combination of your application, aptitude testing, your referee reports and interview with the AE coordinators. We use this process to better understand your aspirations and you as a person.

More information can be found on Please refer to our website for further information or contact or for details. 


The college offers a range of enrichment programs to its students to be involved in year 11 and 12.


The College has been participating in this exciting international educational project since 2005. Each year a group of students and teachers attend the Global Classroom conference hosted by participating countries.

The conference topic from each year focuses on understanding what will expand our knowledge of the learning process, empower the students and therefore enrich the College.

Global Classroom partners are:

· University of Canberra Senior Secondary College, Lake Ginninderra, Australian Capital Territory, AUSTRALIA

· Gymnázium Zlín - Lesní čtvrť, CZECH REPUBLIC

· Graf-Friedrich-Schule, Diepholz, GERMANY

· Cape Peninsula High School, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

· CF Somorrostro,Muskiz,Bizkaia, Spain

· Bobergsgymnasiet, Ange, Sweden

· Anderson High School, Lerwick, Shetland Islands, UK

· Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA

What does the program offer?

We offer opportunities to:

· Collaborate with students from participating countries

· Foster lifelong friendships and expand network

· Engage with interdisciplinary projects that is then presented at their annual conference overseas by students to a global audience.

· Share knowledge and developing broader global perspectives

If you like to be involved in this opportunity, please refer to our website for further information or contact