Drama A/T/R

Drama A/T/R

Some people study Drama simply because they are fascinated by the rich complexity of an art form which is over two thousand years old. Some people study Drama because it is a subject that emphasises essential personal development and life skills. Others see it as a subject that can make them much more valuable to a prospective employer, provide opportunities for them to become better communicators, better organisers and improve their ability to work in groups and help them to learn how to think creatively.

You might be one of those for whom a major or minor in Drama provides a head start in any tertiary performing or creative arts course. Drama R (Registered) units enable students to gain credit for participating in productions without having to complete written work.

Course Patterns

Drama units are available in two courses - Drama and Specialised Drama.

The two courses allow the opportunity to  accumulate a double major or major minor.

In each course three units must be completed before students are eligible for the Independent Study unit.


Creativity in Drama
Communication in Drama
Drama in Context
Adaptation in Drama
Independent Study

Units—Specialised Drama

Innovation in Drama
Leadership in Drama
Entrepreneurship in Drama
Interdisciplinary Inquiry in Drama
Independent Study

College Productions

Productions are open to all students in the college.

If you take part in a college production you will also be enrolled in an appropriate A, T or R Drama unit (see above) depending on the requirements of your package. Many students doing a T package choose to do a Drama A minor as a way of enhancing their package or as an extension to T Drama studies. A double major in Drama T is a course option but requires consultation with the faculty leader.