Design &Textiles A/T

Design and Textiles  A/T

Design and Textiles is a revised course since 2020. The course focuses on design thinking and the application of the design process to create and develop practical solutions using textiles as a medium.

. Classes are a mix of students studying A and T units.

Course Patterns

The units are non‐sequential and a course consists of four semester units offered over a two year period to attain a Major, or two semester units over a one year period to attain a Minor. All units are offered as A or T.


Design Aesthetics

The unit Design Aesthetics examines aesthetics and design theory. Students engage with established methodologies for generating creative textile design concepts

Design for Purpose

The unit Design for Purpose examines how designers create for end purpose. Students engage using a range of textile mediums to design and create products with consideration given to needs, purpose and performance.

Design for Futures

The unit Design for Futures examines the future of design within the context of textiles. Students examine technological tools and processes to create products for the 21st century, with special consideration given to sustainability.

Design for Communication

The unit Design for Communication examines communication methodologies and meanings that effectively disseminate ideas and convey visual messages in textiles and design.


Negotiated Study

A Negotiated Study unit has an important place in senior secondary courses. It is a valuable pedagogical approach that empowers students to make decisions about their own learning. A negotiated study unit is decided upon by a class, group(s) or individual student in consultation with the teacher and with the principal’s approval.