Music A/T

Students have access to both acoustic and electronic instruments, or can  use their own equipment. Students have an opportunity to create, perform and record their own compositions in the music studios. There are many opportunities to perform at college in activities such as Arts Night, Lake Idol, focus Weeks, Open Night, Graduation, the College Musical, as well as outside the college at competitions and concerts organised by other organisations.

A Course

Designed for any student wishing to develop their knowledge and skills in music. All levels of instrumental players are welcome, however some basic knowledge of music and instrumental experience is an advantage. This course is mostly practical with students being given the opportunity to play their instrument individually and in an ensemble. Basic theory and musicianship is covered to assist students in the written component of each unit. There are no compulsory units in this course and students have many opportunities to join the program.

T Course

This course assumes students have a formal knowledge of traditional music notation, developed literacy and performance skills and a general knowledge of some musical styles. It is designed to accommodate levels from Grade 3 and upward. The course provides a wide range of activities and students will improve their knowledge and skills in all areas of music including performing solo and in a group, improvising, composing, arranging, analysis and appraising. Eight semesterā€length ‘T’ units are available, allowing students to complete a minor, major, major minor or double major during their two years at college.


Units in music are drawn from Music and Specialised Music which allows double major and major minor options:

Music A/T/M

* Creativity in Music
* Communicating Meaning in Music
* Music in Context
* Improvisation and Variation in Music
* Independent Study

Specialised Music A/T/M

* Innovation in Music
* Music Leadership
* Entrepreneurship in Music
* Interdisciplinary Inquiry in Music
* Negotiated Study

Registered Units

Ideal for students who want to improve their performance skills. Students have the opportunity to perform as an ensemble or as a soloist.

College Musical

Students have an opportunity to perform in a professionalā€grade band as part of the annual College Musical. Rehearsals are held during Semester 1 and there is a week of performances. Participation in this activity is as an ‘R’, ‘A’, or ‘T’ unit.