Health & Well-Being

Health & WellbeingImage result for health

This course focuses on the various influences on health and broader wellbeing.

Course content will allow students to develop skills and knowledge to understand the role of health in the context of society and the mechanisms necessary to promote health for individuals and communities at national and global levels.

Students analyse health and lifestyle trends and patterns across a range of contexts, allowing the potential for students to enhance their own and others’ health and wellbeing.

Health & Wellbeing T

This course is relevant to students who intend to pursue tertiary studies in the community development and allied health sectors.

Health & Wellbeing A/M

This course is relevant to students who intend to pursue vocational study at institutions such as UC College and CIT. The course also provides students with skills to apply for traineeships or employment as allied health assistants, administrators and support staff in the health and community development sectors.


The units outlined below are semester length (value 1.0) and can be broken down further into term units (value 0.5). The units can be studied in any particular order, there is no prior knowledge required.

Individual Human HealthImage result for human lifespan development

Students will examine the indicators and determinants of their health and investigate individual human development across the lifespan.

They will make evaluations regarding the influences on individuals, such as media, and reflect on personal and social actions to promote and improve health outcomes.

Health in AustraliaImage result for public health nutrition

Students will explore health promotion in Australia, review the priority health areas and investigate major causes of ill-health.

Students will evaluate public and private contributions to Australian health care and explore the different support professions and organisations and their role in promoting health and wellbeing in Australia.

Health of PopulationsImage result for allied health

Students will study the health status of various populations and examine concepts which can be applied to address health inequities.

Students will study different cultural perceptions and approaches to health and wellbeing.

Global Health and Human Development  

Students will examine the role of international organisations including the UN and WHO in combating inequality.

Students explore current issues on global health and review strategies designed to promote health and sustainable human development globally, as well as government and non-government contributions to international health programsImage result for international health