Physical Education Studies

Physical Education Studies

Physical Education Studies A/M

This course is relevant to students who intend to pursue a pathway in the sport and health industry. Students can progress to vocational study at institutions such as UC College and CIT. The course also provides students with skills to apply for employment in data collection, sports retail and development officers in the sports industry.


The units outlined below are semester length (value 1.0) and can be broken down further into term units (value 0.5). The units can be studied in any particular order.

Physical Education studies focuses on practical activity and will allow students to participate in a wide range of sports and recreational activities.

Building & Improving Teams

Students explore and develop skills associated with the enhancement of teams. They understand the importance of individuality, social cohesion, teamwork and collaboration,  shared values, inclusive activity, conflict resolution, team tactics and strategies and participation.

Sport, Activity, Culture & Society

Students explore a range of sports and activities that contribute to individual, societal and cultural identity. Students study culturally diversity, morals and ethics, social change, political agendas, traditions and symbolism in sport, role of the media and myths and stories in universal sports.

Sports Skill AcquisitionImage result for vo2 max

Students explore the acquisition and development of sports analysing human movement, spatial awareness, modelling and imitation, principles of motor skill, stages of learning and the reflex arc.

Leisure & Recreation

Students develop an understanding of physical activity, recreation, leisure and sport from a participatory perspective. Students explore and examine play, state of mind, rejuvenation and relaxation, social cohesion,  community programs, accessibility of sport facilities and inclusivity.