Sports Recreation & Leadership A/V

Sports Recreation & Leadership A/V

Course content is based on the knowledge and skills required to work in the sport and recreation industry including fitness planning and instruction, sports coaching, sports first aid, industry work health and safety and coordination of  sport events. The course is broken into four units that have competencies attached. Successful completion of all four units listed below and their competencies will allow students to achieve a Certificate II in Sport & Recreation.

Lake Ginninderra College utilises a range of theoretical and practical methods to deliver Sport Recreation & Leadership. Unit content is learned through interactive documents included in the Google environment. Students complete practical workshops in nearby fitness facilities and can achieve first aid qualifications through college partners. In addition, students will be provided opportunities to coordinate school sport and community events and conduct coaching sessions for primary school students.

Sport Recreation & Leadership V

This course is relevant to students who intend to pursue further vocational  or tertiary qualifications in fitness, sports development, and sport and recreation.

Sport Recreation & Leadership A/M

This course is relevant to students who intend to pursue vocational study in sport and recreation. The course also provides students with skills to apply for employment in sports retail, sports officers and administrators in the sports industry.


The units outlined below are semester length (value 1.0) and can be broken down further into term units (value 0.5). The units can be studied in any particular order. Students must successfully complete all units and competencies in order for students to achieve the certificate II in sport and recreation.

Sport & Recreation IndustryImage result for cpr

Students study the four sectors within the sport and recreation sector, structure of sporting organisations, sport and the law, economic and social significance of sport, diversity in sport and the impact of emerging technologies.

Students will undertake a sports first aid certificate and gain knowledge and understanding of CPR, duty of care, medical illnesses, sport injuries and early treatment of illness and injury.

Community  Activities & Events

Students study a range of leadership styles and develop interpersonal skills.  Through organisation and participation in  recreation activities students will develop team building skills, activity implementation, safe work practices and marketing strategies for community programs and sessions.

Sports Coaching & Management

Students study the roles and responsibilities of coaches and the range of coaching styles. Students become familiar with code of ethics, coaching accreditation, stages of learning, game and technique centred approach, skill development, planned coaching, activity modifications and communicating with participants.

Students will examine and explore the differences coaching specific populations such as children, veterans, women and people with disabilities.

Active Lifestyles & Sports LeadershipImage result for lifting weights

Students examine the importance of safe physical activity and identify areas of physical fitness such as components of fitness, principles and methods of training, benefits of exercise, testing protocols, client screening, exercise planning and group exercise.

Students will lead and participate in group fitness sessions and conduct health screening and exercise induction for clients. Students explore and evaluate a range of fitness exercises to design programs for specific populations.