Business Services A/V

Business Services A/V

Business Services is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop specific skills associated with information management and processing. The focus of the course is on giving students a wide range of life long skills, both for personal use and for employment in the business world.

There is particular emphasis on using Microsoft Office applications and other commonly used computer software. These applications include spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, desktop publishing and databases.  Developing the skills required to operate this software is a strong feature of the course.

Course Patterns - The course is made up of nationally accredited competencies. Each unit contains components involving keyboarding, use of computers, interpersonal and communication skills, and office procedures.  A student may be eligible to receive a nationally recognised certificate if they achieve the competencies covered in two semesters.


Navigating the Business Environment (1)

Students learn to produce business standard word processed documents and presentations, provide customer service and the procedures and responsibilities relating to workplace sustainability, health and safety. They develop oral and written communication skills for the workplace, practicing and creating strategies for a wide variety of interactions in a business environment. They develop self management skills and knowledge of processes that will assist them in a successful transition to work.

Business Environment and Services (2)

Students learn to engage with others in a business environment, contribute to workplace innovation, manage conflict and develop effective workplace relationships.  Students also learn how to use business technology, and develop oral and written skills to communicate information with others.

Implementing Best Practice in Business (3)

Students learn a range of technological skills to design and produce documents and desktop published articles. They  develop keyboarding skills to support the creation of these.

Business Services Pathways (4)

Students learn to create simple databases for storage and retrieval of information.  They also learn to identify customer needs, deliver and monitor customer service and identify improvements in the provision of customer    service.  Students develop skills in the organisation of workplace information and their own work schedules. They learn to monitor and obtain feedback on their work performance.


The following areas of competency will be covered during the course: