Metal Products

Metal Products A


The study of Metal Products provides opportunities for students to engage with emerging technologies, make connections with industry, apply standards and practices through the manufacturing of their metal projects.

This course is intended to meet the needs of students who have a general interest in industrial technology trades as well as those intending to choose a career pathway into traditional metal trades and related service industries.

Students develop relevant technical, vocational and interpersonal skills suitable for employment and further training.

Course Patterns

Students would normally study Metal Products across 4 units.

The units of study combine to provide a wide variety of experiences in designing and constructing a range of projects. Naturally there is an advantage in completing all four units. The last unit is very popular, as there is the free choice option for the final project. More advanced students will be able to negotiate projects.

Program Details

This course allows for students to complete set work and also some of their own artefacts in metal by negotiation. It covers topics such as sheet metal, light metal fabrication, metal machining, welding, heat treatment of metals,  reading workshop drawings, OHS and flame cutting.

The workshop is well equipped and caters to a wide range of interests in the metal manufacturing and design field.

Some Engineering Drawing is also included in this course to cover communication and interpretation of engineering processes.


Working with Metal

Techniques in Metal Manufacture

Welding and Cutting Skills

Metal Project