Global Classroom

2022 International Global Classroom Conference

The Global Classroom Partnership is an international initiative begun 20 years ago. Students from participating schools around the globe research and prepare assigned tasks on a set theme to present at the conference. The emphasis is on sharing learning between schools, with the ethos that students can ‘learn locally but think globally’. The theme for 2022 was ‘Ways of Learning’.

UCSSC hosted the 2022 International Global Classroom Conference (online) in March 2022.

Conference participants reflected on past and present experiences in learning and how different ways of learning help shape a cross-cultural collective.

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What does the Global classroom Partnership program offer?

Global Classroom is an initiative whereby students from partner schools spanning eight countries and four continents converge to collaborate and share ideas on educational themes.  Annual conferences are held in participating countries alternatively. These conferences provide opportunities for students to speak on matters that are important to them, brainstorm current global environmental and political topics, share unique cultures and establish friendships with like-minded students from around the globe.

This is an enrichment opportunity provided to Academic Excellence Program Participants and any other interested students.

Participating Countries:

The UC SSC Lake G Global Classroom Team:

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