What should we expect of our school? We should expect a school that has professional staff, extensive learning opportunities and a targeted curriculum that provides a safe and engaging environment supported by individualised pastoral care. We should expect a school with a positive and inclusive culture with resources that meet the learning needs of every student. We should expect academic extension, sporting, creative and leadership opportunities; a school built on strong values, excellence and innovation where the staff set the very best of examples in all that they do - dedicated, expert and committed to supporting and inspiring their students. This is what I expect - and this is what we offer you. Welcome to the University of Canberra Senior Secondary College, Lake Ginninderra (UCSSC).

It is my privilege to tell you about our school - the quality of the staff and their work as they serve the students, their families and the community is second to none - the outstanding service provided to each and every student as they are guided, encouraged and enabled through their senior secondary years is our purpose - our mission.

At UCSSC every teacher values every student - a college where all members of staff are dedicated to equipping all students for their future; a college that partners with students and their families to provide the best senior secondary education; a college that is a centre of excellence for teaching and learning.

We specialise in the education of Year 11 and 12 students. The college is located centrally in Canberra on the shores of Lake Ginninderra, situated near the facilities of the University of Canberra (UC), Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Australian National University (ANU) and the CSIRO. Students are drawn from high schools in the ACT , the Australian Institute of Sport (national scholarship Athletes), International Private Students and Overseas Exchange Students.

The college is at the forefront of innovation with a pioneering and nationally significant partnership with the University of Canberra, This partnership strengthens teaching and learning initiatives at the college and allows the institutions to share resources, strategies, research and practice.  Whether students intend to enter university in Australia or internationally, participate in technical and industry training, take a gap year or begin work, the college and our partners are dedicated to helping each student develop and achieve their goals.

The college provides a modern and well-resourced learning environment, offering students more than seventy BSSS accredited courses of study. Student pathways are tailored towards achievement in traditional subject areas but are complemented by a diverse range of other curriculum options and further opportunities for extension and enrichment.

The college is nationally renowned for its Outdoor Education Program - developing skills, building character, and producing leaders. The program has a strong environmental, adventure and cultural emphasis.  The Elite Sports Program is offered to college students in partnership with the Australian Institute of Sport, ACT Academy of Sport, and Australian Capital Territory sporting bodies. This program is unique in Australia, with the college proudly supporting many ACT representatives, Olympians and hundreds of Australian representatives.

An Excellence Program gives gifted and talented students a chance to extend their learning and community involvement while at college. Entry is by application. The college also offers extension opportunities through the College Leadership Group, the Environmental Sustainability Team and the Elite Sports Program. The Global Classroom offers overseas conference travel and an education program in leadership and international citizenship.

The broad range of creative arts offerings give students opportunities to act, sing, dance, play, direct, produce, draw, paint, sculpt, film, edit, write and more, including several specialised technical streams.

Pastoral care programs at the college are central in ensuring the personal development of students. Each group has a dedicated mentor and support teacher. During the two years at college, students are assisted by the student services team, teachers and the college community in their educational and personal growth as they choose and work towards their pathways to future success.

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We welcome you to UCSSC - preparation for life!

Gerard Barrett