Curriculum / Programs

Physical Education and Outdoor Education

Courses suited to recreational and elite sportspeople and all who are interested in the theory and practice of sports. Physical Education overview of courses, Exercise Science, Outdoor Education.

Outdoor Recreation C (PDF 993.4 KB)
Outdoor and Environmental Education (PDF 1.2 MB)
Sport, Recreation and Leadership (PDF 1.9 MB)
Physical Education Studies (PDF 969.7 KB)
Health and Wellbeing (PDF 278.9 KB)
Exercise Science (PDF 256.5 KB)
Sports Development (PDF 1.3 MB)

Technology, including IT, Applied Studies, Tourism

Vocational and theoretical courses in a wide range of technologies including Metal Products A, Hospitality Industry C, Food for Life A,  Automotive Technology A, Furniture Making A,  Design and Emerging Technologies, Design & Graphics, Design and Textiles, a range of IT courses ( including Data Science, Robotics & Mechatronics , Digital Technologies), Business Services A, Tourism & Event Management A.

Automotive Technology A/V (PDF 296.6 KB)
Business Services A/V (PDF 392.0 KB)
Design and Graphics (PDF 517.2 KB)
Design and Textiles (PDF 529.7 KB)
Design and Emerging Technologies (PDF 379.2 KB)
Food Studies A (PDF 351.5 KB)
Furniture Making A (PDF 799.6 KB)
Information Technology (PDF 1.2 MB)
Hospitality Industry (PDF 718.1 KB)
Metal Products A (PDF 488.0 KB)

English, Languages, History and ESL

English A, English T, English as another Language or Dialect (ESL), Geography, Global Studies, Philosophy and History: courses for students at all levels of ability plus choose Language courses from  Spanish, Japanese or Chinese taught at the school. Other languages may be available through the Canberra Academy of Languages (CAL)

Contemporary English A/M (PDF 1000.7 KB)
English as Another Language or Dialect A/T (PDF 511.1 KB)
Essential English A (PDF 269.5 KB)
Literature T and English T (PDF 454.7 KB)
Modern Languages including Japanese, Spanish (PDF 180.8 KB)


Traditional science courses - Biology T, Human Biology T, Chemistry T, Physics T, - plus broad based Earth and Environmental Science T.

Biology (PDF 278.8 KB)
Chemistry (PDF 388.6 KB)
Earth and Environmental Science (PDF 273.8 KB)
Human Biology (PDF 271.4 KB)
Interdisciplinary Science (PDF 422.1 KB)
Physics (PDF 669.4 KB)
Psychology (PDF 449.1 KB)
Senior Science A (PDF 1021.7 KB)
Social and Community Work A (PDF 993.0 KB)


Five Mathematics courses, with four offered at university preparation level - Mathematics T - and two Mathematics A courses - allow for all ability levels in this subject.

Mathematics A (PDF 607.0 KB)
Mathematics T (PDF 732.3 KB)

The Arts

The Arts faculty offers the performing arts including Drama, Dance and Music. Also offered are creative arts such as Visual Arts, Media and Photography.

Dance (PDF 387.2 KB)
Drama (PDF 631.3 KB)
Media (PDF 616.8 KB)
Music (PDF 764.6 KB)
Photography (PDF 536.0 KB)
Visual Arts (PDF 1.9 MB)

Commerce, Legal and Social Sciences

Commerce courses include Accounting, Business and Economics T.

Social Science courses include Geography, Legal Studies, Psychology, Sociology and Social & Community Work A.

Business (PDF 492.0 KB)
Economics (PDF 591.5 KB)
Geography (PDF 518.2 KB)
Global Studies (PDF 320.7 KB)
History (PDF 1.0 MB)
Legal Studies (PDF 458.1 KB)
Philosophy (PDF 271.7 KB)
Sociology (PDF 290.5 KB)

Other Opportunities

Programs and activities which can enhance college experiences and create opportunities for the future include: international conferencing with Global Classroom, work readiness with Vocational Courses, using athletic training as learning in the Elite Sports Program (by application), working with highly motivated peers in the Sustainability program and extending Outdoor Education through Adventure PLUS (by application).

H Courses are offered to students via the ANU extension program. Subjects in 2022 include: Astrophysics, Biodiversity, Chemistry, Continuing Chinese, Creative Computing, Discovering Engineering, Global Perspectives in Commerce, Indonesian Culture and Politics, Japanese, Korean Language and Culture, Physics, Specialist Mathematics.
Further information and how to apply at

Girls in STEMM (PDF 275.5 KB)
Health, Medical and Applied Science R unit (PDF 837.3 KB)
Student Services (PDF 292.3 KB)
VET subjects at UC SSC (PDF 610.3 KB)
Vocational Education (PDF 336.4 KB)
Global Classroom in 2022 (PDF 278.4 KB)
Elite Sports (PDF 1.3 MB)
Academic Excellence (PDF 245.6 KB)
International Students program (PDF 244.2 KB)
Politics Philosophy Economics program (PDF 541.0 KB)