Student Support Group (SG) and Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Program is mostly delivered during Support Group (SG)  and actively engages students practically and theoretically in social, emotional and personal development and also in career pathways. Students will learn through activities such as team building exercises, in class activities, guest speakers and whole school events. The program aims to foster health and wellbeing of the individual student and build positive relationships between students and staff.

The program framework focuses on skills and actions that develop student as good citizens and responsible adults. There is considerable emphasis on monitoring study programs and supporting students to make informed decisions about future career pathways.

The Student Wellbeing Program will help develop students into young adults that can positively contribute to the school community and to society after they have completed their education. The student groups will have high expectations and promote student responsibility through goal setting and lifelong learning. The student group program would support strong teacher-student relationships and would nurture the development of a range of students. The collegiality of staff at the college will be promoted through the SG buddy program and the encouragement of effective communication regarding individual student’s academic progress and emotional wellbeing.

Students will undertake units or participate in events related to::

- Mental Health & Sexual Health

- Wellbeing, Self-Awareness & Positive Relationships

- Party Safe & Personal Safety

- Healthy Lifestyles and Giving

- Career Development and Pathways