Student Services Team

The Student Services team is there to assist with students academic study packages, enrolments, transition, career advice and student welfare/wellbeing support.

School Leaders, Year Coordinators, Youth Worker, School Psychologist, School Lawyer and Administration support staff work together to support student options and advise them on a wide variety of academic, vocational and personal matters.

Student Services
Chris JonesExecutive Teacher Student Services
Gary  Rolfe Executive Teacher Student Services
Ross MacDonaldYear 11 Coordinator
Lane MooreYear 11 Coordinator
Kate BeattieYear 12 Coordinator
Fiona ChesterCareers/WEX
Chris CuttingSupport Coordinator
Ollie DaRozaYouth Worker
Kerrie SmithAdministration
David StoneCertification Officer
Suzanne WrightSchool Counsellor

CONTACT US - 02 6142 0222

Student Services encompasses package checks, special consideration, attendance, pastoral care, student wellbeing, pathways and the school psychologist.

Important Forms:

Absence Form & Attendance Policy

Special Consideration Application