Careers / Transitions / Work Experience

School Based Apprenticeships

Student apprenticeships are possible while enrolled at the college, these are known as Australian School based Apprenticeships (ASbA’s). ASbA students are part-time at school whilst they spent time training for their apprenticeship qualification. Their program is made flexible enough to accommodate the students’ school, work and training needs. ASbA's are organised on an individual basis and the college will work with the student to facilitate a suitable academic load to support success in the ASbA pathway.


Careers advice is given by teachers who also discuss courses, career goals, and vocational and educational opportunities. We encourage students to visit careers to check their academic package, for advice on gaining entry into competitive courses and to determine pre-requisites for further study outside college.

The college Career Adviser can also provide individualised advice and guidance about possible career pathways and choices.

For further information regarding career pathways, contact:

Work Experience (WEX)

Work Experience is encouraged for all students during their time at college. Students may select from a wide variety of work places, or may choose to organise their own placement. Most work experience placements occur in the non-teaching week/s at the end of each semester, but placements during a semester are also possible. Each student has multiple opportunities to do work experience. Work experience contributes partial points towards a Senior Secondary Certificate.

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