Academic Excellence

The Academic Excellence Program

What does the program offer?

The Academic Excellence Program is for students striving to excel in their intellectual, creative or artistic capacity, or in specific academic fields.

This program offers students targeted mentorship and opportunities to support their learning in Years 11 and 12. Upon successful entry into the program, opportunities for students will be designed through consultation with the Academic Excellence Team.

These opportunities will support students not only in their academic pursuits but focus on developing core skills that will enrich students beyond the completion of their ACT Year 12 Certificate.

Students within the program are expected to engage in extracurricular activities across the school proactively and attend targeted Academic Excellence events.

Application Process:

Entry into the Academic Excellence Program is determined through a combination of your application, aptitude testing and your referee reports. We use a psychometrically sound, standardised rating scale that measures the characteristics of potential candidates in General Intellectual Ability, Academic Skills, Creativity, Leadership, and Artistic Talent.

Expression of Interest:

Please complete this form by to express your interest in the program.

After this, you will be contacted by the Academic Excellence Team with an invitation to apply and further information regarding the Academic Excellence Program. Nominated teacher referees will be contacted after the Expression of Interest form is submitted.

If you have any issue accessing the required Google Forms (hyperlinked), please contact the school at Lake or 6142 0222.

Our relationship with Global Classroom

Global Classroom is a partnership with an international network of schools. It enables students to connect with a cohort of students from a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds.  With enrichment opportunities through engaging with other cultures and understand differing approaches to education.  Through engaging with the Global Classrooms allows them to develop a global perspective.

Global Classroom is an enrichment opportunity available to students enrolled in the Academic Excellence Program.  Students may have the opportunity to participate in the Global Classroom Conference which is held at one of the partner schools around the world. Students engage with Academic Excellence through the research and media tasks centred on the annual Global Classroom theme, which is determined by the annual conference host school.