Dance A/T

Dance A/T

By participating in dance, students develop a range of life skills that will enhance their careers and personal growth. The Dance course allows students to express their feelings and ideas through movement, while developing technical skills in a variety of styles, and gaining theoretical knowledge of related topics.

By working in groups and performing, students experience the pleasure of dancing, gain confidence, improve fitness and develop problem solving and communication skills. They will also develop analytical and research skills through evaluating performances and studying people and events that have influenced the development of dance.

Course Patterns

This course is non‐sequential, but Dance Foundations and/or Classical Dance and/or Contemporary Dance are compulsory units to complete a Dance Major, Major‐Minor or Double Major.


Dance Foundations A/T

Students learn basic technique of ballet and/or contemporary styles. They explore the elements of dance and composition, as well as the relationship between dance and the other art forms. The study of basic anatomy and physiology will be related to dance technique and the causes and prevention of common dance injuries.

Contemporary Dance A/T

Students explore contemporary dance styles through the development of the genre and the influence of significant individual’s impact. They explore the choreography and philosophy of the contemporary

dance since the beginning of the 20th century and use this to develop their composition, performance and evaluation skills through a range of different tasks.

Classical Dance A/T

Students will learn about the Classical and Neoclassical styles of Ballet and the development of the style through to the present day. They will learn a range of ballet technique as well as creatively exploring

the elements and processes of choreography. Students will analyse dances to understand the historical context.

Dance and the Media A/T

Students explore the connections between dance and various types of media. They gain an understanding of the way in which media influences dance and the impacts that it has on a range of styles. Students will create movement sequences specifically for photography, film and video based on their chosen dance style.

Dance in Australia A/T

Students study a variety of dance styles reflecting the diversity in Australian society. This includes the role dance plays in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Societies. Students also study the development of Australian dance companies and groups and the overseas influences which have helped shape that development. Students compose, perform and evaluate their own dances based on the styles studied.

Dance in Our time A/T

Students study a variety of current dance styles which may include street funk, hiphop, jazz, social dance and modern contemporary dance. They compose, perform and evaluate their own dances based on the styles studied. Students will also explore the role of dance in contemporary Australian society.

Dance Festival and other events

Dance students have the opportunity to participate in a range of events that the school produces such as Lake Idol and the school musical. Students that are enrolled in dance also have the opportunity to participate in Ausdance Dance Festival which occurs each year in term 3.

Other Dance units

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  • Dance in Our Time A/T
  • Dance in the Community A/T
  • Dance Pathways A/T
  • Dance Produc􀆟on A/T
  • Self Directed Dance A/T
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