Fashion/Textiles A/T

Textiles and Fashion A/T

Textiles and fashion design form an integral part of our culture, history and daily lives. This course aims to provide students with a theoretical knowledge of fibre, fabric, fashion and design. It is well suited to the needs of students wishing to pursue further studies and careers in the fashion industry as well as those who enjoy the opportunity to maintain an ongoing interest and develop a life skill. The units offered provide students with the opportunity to experience a variety of design fields. Classes are a mix of students studying A and T units.

Course Patterns

The units are non‐sequential and a course consists of four semester units offered over a two year period to attain a Major, or two semester units over a one year period to attain a Minor. All units are offered as A or T.


Fashion Design and Illustration

This unit explores cultures, history, art and the environment as a source of design inspiration. Students will research and develop a clear understanding of the elements and principles of design, to apply to design concepts in their practical work. There will also be small workshops in design illustration and garment embellishment.

Marketing a Designer Label

This unit is designed so that students have the opportunity to simulate an understanding of the role of a Fashion Designer in todays’ society. Students will explore ideas of product lifecycle, sustainability and legal issues relating to the fashion industry. As part of this unit students will also develop their own fashion label and create an outfit to showcase in a fashion parade at the end of the semester.

Working with Textiles

This unit focuses on the structure of fabrics and understanding of fibre properties. It allows students to individually explore design concepts to develop clothing or textile items. Students will also explore and experiment with fabric construction techniques such as knitting, weaving and non–woven processes to develop technical skills.

Design Applications

This unit introduces the skills to develop design concepts and ideas to produce textiles and garments. Including sketching, sampling, working with commercial patterns and assembling garments. Students also have the opportunity to experiment with fabric dyeing and printing techniques to apply to textiles.

Design for Performance –Costumes and Sets

During this unit students have the opportunity to develop design ideas using musicals, dance performances, music videos and the like as inspiration for costumes and sets. Students will explore mood/storyboards as a means of concept development, as well as creating statement pieces to be showcased in a production, fashion show or dance performance.

Other Units include:

  • Fashion Industry
  • Textiles and Interiors
  • Designing for Clients
  • Recycle and Reuse
  • Fashion Textiles and Society
  • Textiles and Fashion—Negotiated Study