Media A/T

Media study delves into the range of Media industries, the impact they have on our lives and society, and the techniques that are used in those industries. All Media study involves both theoretical and practical work. Practical work will involve the design and creation of media products such as short films, excerpts from television shows, radio programs, newspapers, magazines and advertisements.

Media is a subject which emphasises communication skills and working with others. It also helps to improve time and resource management skills as well as emphasising creative thinking and ingenuity. Media T students can count their studies towards their ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and university requirements. The products designed and created in class can also be utilised as part of a student’s portfolio of work to be shared with universities, arts schools and future employers. The work of Media students is presented at events such as Open Night and Media Night.


Media Foundation

An introductory unit that focuses on crucial skills for Media analysis and a broad study of media industries and their impact on society. Students are introduced to editing software and create a small group practical project. It is not a prerequisite to the other units.


Students study the conventions of documentaries, as created for film, television and radio. Students study at least one documentary in depth and design and create a documentary in a medium of their own choosing.

Popular Culture

This unit explores the definition of popular culture and the range of media industries that contribute to the creation of popular culture through image manipulation and marketing. Students will study a genre or popular culture and design and create at least one popular culture product such as a music video or zine.


A range of topics may be covered in relation to journalism, news and current affairs. Students will create journalistic products for a range of media organisations, designing and conducting interviews prior to creating and editing their stories. Students can explore genres of interest such as political journalism or sports journalism.

Film Genre Studies

Students study a range of films and filmic techniques, developing a detailed understanding of the conventions of film genres. Students will design and create short films in genres of their own choosing after extensive research related to the genre.

Television Fiction

Students study a single television program in depth along with the conventions of television and its distribution. The production, regulation, ethics and future of Australian television broadcasting and viewing will be studied. Students will create a short excerpt of a television program.

Process to Production

Students spend their final semester of Media undertaking a major practical project. The project is undertaken from initial design through to the final product that is expected to be very near professional in quality.