Outdoor Education Program

The Outdoor Education (ODE) Program

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Lake G has the biggest ODE program in the ACT and its popularity with students has seen the program recognised with numerous awards. It offers students the opportunity to study a practical based course and provides both Tertiary and Vocational pathways. (click detailed course information)

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Trip costs are kept to a minimum to make it accessible to all students. This is achieved through a number of strategies. Students are also able to balance their academic studies, work and other commitments by choosing 1-2 trips/semester that suit their timetable and interests. The program offers some flexibility to choose trips and students are given some classes off in lieu of the trip commitments. This allows students to catch up on other school work and maintain a good balance.

The Lake G Outdoor Ed program is well known for its extension opportunities through the Adventure Plus program (Link to program)

Students are encouraged to foster personal growth and develop outstanding interpersonal and life skills. There is a very strong culture of inclusivity and support within the program. Students are challenged in supportive environments to maximise learning.