Our Curriculum

Physical Education and Outdoor Education

Courses suited to recreational and elite sportspeople and all who are interested in the theory and practice of sports. Physical Education overview of courses, Exercise Science (Human Movement), Outdoor Education (now A and T).

See Other Opportunities at the bottom of this table for links to special PE programs: Adventure Plus, Elite Sports Program

PE courses overview 2017 (PDF 282.1 KB)
Outdoor EDucation 2017 (PDF 937.8 KB)
Exercise Science 2017 (PDF 192.3 KB)

Technology including IT, Applied Studies, Tourism

Vocational and theoretical courses in a wide range of technologies including Metal Engineering A, Hospitality C, Food for Life A, Food Science and Management T, Automotive A, Furniture Construction C, Architecture, Industrial Design, Textiles and Fashion, IT, Business Administration A, Tourism & Event Management A.

Tourism & Event Management 2017 (PDF 399.1 KB)
Social & Community Work 2017 (PDF 756.4 KB)
Metal Engineering 2017 (PDF 331.2 KB)
IT 2017 (PDF 468.6 KB)
Hospitality 2017 (PDF 660.7 KB)
Furniture Construction 2017 (PDF 667.1 KB)
Food Science 2017 (PDF 384.7 KB)
Food For Life 2017 (PDF 559.1 KB)
Architecture (PDF 495.5 KB)
Industrial Design (PDF 302.0 KB)
Business Administration 2017 (PDF 328.2 KB)
Automotive 2017 (PDF 246.1 KB)

English, Languages, History and ESL

English A, English T, English as another Language or Dialect (ESL), Geography, Global Studies, and History, courses for students at all levels of ability plus choose other Language courses from French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese or Chinese.

Geography 2017 (PDF 347.7 KB)
Global Studies 2017 (PDF 234.7 KB)
History 2017 (PDF 339.3 KB)
Languages 2017 (PDF 270.2 KB)
ESL 2017 (PDF 245.7 KB)
English T (PDF 390.3 KB)
English A 2017 (PDF 271.0 KB)


Traditional science courses - Biology T, Chemistry T, Physics T, - plus broad based Earth and Environmental Science T and Senior Science A.

Senior Science A (PDF 279.4 KB)
Physics 2017 (PDF 480.5 KB)
Earth & Environmental Science 2017 (PDF 229.3 KB)
Chemistry 2017 (PDF 334.0 KB)
Biology 2017 (PDF 301.5 KB)


Five Mathematics courses with four offered at university preparation level - Mathematics T - and one accredited course - Mathematics A - allow for all interest levels in this subject.

Mathematics T 2017 (PDF 358.8 KB)
Mathematics A 2017 (PDF 337.2 KB)

The Arts

The Arts faculty offers the performing arts including Drama, Dance and Music. Also offered are creative arts such as Visual Art, Media and Photography. The vocational course Music Industry C is also offered.

Visual Arts 2017 (PDF 523.6 KB)
Photography 2017 (PDF 551.5 KB)
Textiles & Fashion 2017 (PDF 375.5 KB)
Music Industry 2017 (PDF 543.3 KB)
Music 2017 (PDF 835.2 KB)
Media 2017 (PDF 482.7 KB)
Drama 2017 (PDF 611.9 KB)
Dance 2017 (PDF 379.6 KB)

Commerce Legal and Social Sciences

Commerce courses include Accounting, Business and Economics T.

Social Science courses include Geography, Legal Studies, Psychology, Sociology and Social & Community Work A.

Sociology 2017 (PDF 238.5 KB)
Psychology 2017 (PDF 400.6 KB)
Legal Studies 2017 (PDF 284.1 KB)
Business 2017 (PDF 326.4 KB)
Economics 2017 (PDF 243.8 KB)
Accounting 2017 (PDF 174.1 KB)

Other Opportunities

Programs and activities which can enhance college experiences and create opportunities for the future include: international conferencing with Global Classroom, work readiness with Vocational Courses, using athletic training as learning in the Elite Sports Program (by application), working with highly motivated peers in the Excellence and Leadership (by application) or the Sustainability program and extending Outdoor Education through Adventure PLUS (by application).

H Courses are offered to students via the ANU extension program. Subjects in 2016 include: Astrophysics, Biodiversity, Chemistry, Discovering Engineering, Physics,  Japanese Language, Continuing Chinese, Performing Indonesian Language, Specialist Mathematics.

Vocational Education 2017 (PDF 376.9 KB)
Student Services 2017 (PDF 453.2 KB)
Global Classroom 2017 (PDF 118.2 KB)
Elite Sports Application (PDF 142.3 KB)
Elite Sports 2017 (PDF 974.6 KB)
Adventure plus 2017 (PDF 502.0 KB)
Adventure PLUS Application (PDF 23.5 KB)