Photography A/T

Photography A/T

Photography plays an enormous role in our contemporary lives; utilized and experienced every day in various modes of visual communication including advertising, social media, and television. Selecting photography as part of your college package gives students the opportunity to creatively explore digital and darkroom technologies, develop skills in visual communication and explore new ways of storytelling through imagery.

Students planning a career in this field will have the opportunity to assemble a folio of work suitable for interviews for employment purposes or further study, or you may simply want a creative subject to balance an academic package. Photography A and T courses are designed to provide a firm basis for aspiring photographers and for students studying related visual communication courses. Both courses give students scope for serious studies in all aspects of black and white, digital and colour photography.

Photography A

Photography A has a practical emphasis. Students doing the A course are expected to undertake research assignments, designed to engage the students in aspects of written research. The theory, skills and concepts are the same as the T course and are ideal for students wanting to add a creative subject for balance in their package.

Photography T

In this tertiary course students are expected to undertake research related to various aspects of photography, and, complete the same practical projects as students in Photography A .

Course Patterns

This course is non-sequential. It is advised that students complete Photography Practice before completing Photography: Applications and complete Digital Photography before completing Digital Photographic Practice.


Units are written in two courses, Photography and Specialised Photography. A double major is available by studying 7 units from both courses.

The independent Study unit requires three units to be studied before undertaking this unit.

Units—Photography A/T

* Creativity in Photography
* Communicating Meaning in Photography
* Photography in Context
* Narratives in Photography
* Independent Study

Units—Specialised Photography A/T

* Innovation in Photography
* Photographic Exhibitions
* Entrepreneurship in Photography
* Interdisciplinary Inquiry in Photography
* Independent Study.