Registered PE units

Registered PE units

Registered PE units are participation based and involve students in practicing and extending their skills in these sports. These R units recognise participation in specific sports a well as major sporting excursions. These units also provide opportunities for active participation in high standard competition. Students train and participate in sessions scheduled during the school day, developing individual and team skills. In these units individual skills, personal fitness, team skills, coaching and refereeing are covered. Students will be expected to play for the College in local, interstate and possibly international competitions.


This unit provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in Futsal and for the college teams to prepare for competition. The college men’s team have won the national schools championship on four occasions and the women won the NSW/ACT championship. The college’s Futsal teams will focus on the ACT college competition, the NSW schools regional tournaments and the National Schools Cup.

Rugby Union / League

Students enrolled in the rugby program will have the opportunity to focus on individual and team skills, personal fitness, coaching and 􀆟me management in both rugby union and rugby league. In 2001 the school reached the quarter finals of the World Schools Tens Tournament in Sydney. Over the past few years, the school made a final of every League and Union competition across the year. The rugby program involves a number of competitions and students involved in the program will be expected to play for the college.